Everyday is to be considered lost if one doesn’t learn anything. – ANONYMOUS

We really have lots of things to learn in our lives and it can happen that the whole life is no long enough to learn everything. A life lived intensively is not wasted: at the end of the day if we learnt to be happy for beautiful things or if we learnt to cry for bad ones, we could not have lost our time.

Every little suffering we feel, will teach us how to better live, how to grow, how to win against it. Once we will have learnt how to accept and win against them, they could not touch us anymore, or for a little period of time. All facts will be simplier to face! In that case we will have learnt to love the beautiful things, both those bigs and little. In  that case we will have learnt to be happy and feel easy: this is what we need to learn at the end of a day!