Here comes the most important new thing in this blog: I have changed the theme. 1) I changed it because this new one realises in a better way what I have in my mind. 2) I changed it because now I have developed the blog structure with menus, so I can archive the foreign languages posts in a better way. 3) I have finally had the chance to show the facebook, twitter and RSS icons, not as widget! The second big new thing of this blog, is not directly connected to this blog, but to the other two “little sons” of it: sport blog, on which I will start to write soon again,  and whose main posts I’ll write also here (, and the quotations blog, which will work as the sport one (

You can also acces the other two blogs from the menu: go to “Il mondo è bello perchè è vario”, then select “generale” and then go to “sport” or “un mondo di citazioni – a world of quotations”!