Here I’m back after the big snow in the fermo province here, in Marche.

I had some free time to spend on a uselless things and I decided to connect with my facebook account to see what interesting news were aound! Nothing special was written on the home page, so I went to check my network setup informations: I usually connect with my facebook account from porto san giorgio (99% of the total access), but accordind to facebook… I’ve been in Porto San Giorgio only one time, more than 20 days ago. In the last 20 days I’ve never been in my city, and facebook told me that I was connected from Loreto Aprutino (Pescara province, Abruzzo), Ancona (Marche), Morciano di Romagna (Rimini province, Emilia Romagna), Treviso (Veneto) and Rome. A couple of minutes ago I was in Castagneto (Teramo province, Abruzzo)…. I’m really enjoying this kind of trip around Italy… before using facebook I’ve never know cities or town like Castagneto.

That’s why I decided to learn more about the little or big (I don’t know them!) cities and town all around Italy, so…. stay tuned some news could soon come here!