This time I will not talk about the “facebook folies” (there’s still time for that!)! this time I’m going to write something for those two special people, who are allways present in my life and I do not miss them!  They are able to feel when I have difficulties, they are able to feel I need them! It’s really a beautiful thing, having friend like them! It’s also a very dificult thing finding friends like them! I prefer having a few friendly people like those two ones, who let you understand that they take care of you! It’s not fun having many friendly people, perhaps not being present in your life when you need them!

I would like to say “thank you” to that lovely person (and I tell you, that you will have a lot to do for making me feeling better this time! this time it’s worst than ever!), who is allways present for me, who never tells me “I can’t”, who allways try to make me smiling! That person have the extraordinary capacity to find the right word for the right situation!

A big thank you also for the other person, the one who really takes care for what he/she believe it’s right (and the main thing he/she believe in is friendship). Many thanks to both of you! You are not only “the real friends”, you’re also my ministering angels!