He won again: he won his 7th Wimbledon title! Someone could think that Nadal, when lost in the first rounds, helped him, but I don’t think so. I think he could have beated him too. This year Federer has been simply the best: he won against Djokovic, yesterday he beated Murray and now (when he’s going to be 31 years old) he is again the number 1 in the atp rankings. He is a legend, he seems to be born with the racket in his hands. In the late 80’s and in the early 90’s I loved Stefan Edberg and his epic battles against Boris Becker. I now realise that nobody before him (nobody I can remember) was better than him.

Put that new statue on hold, polish up the one of Fred Perry, maybe commission one of Roger Federer. Wimbledon’s fabled history is not ready, it turns out, for a substantial rewrite, more an updating of the record books which will show the great Swiss is on a phenomenal seven singles titles, with the chance of overtaking his equal Pete Sampras.” – WRITTEN BY THE DAILY MAIL (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/tennis/article-2170556/Wimbledon-2012-Roger-Federer-beats-Andy-Murray-final.html)

A fantastic effort by Murray but ultimately again was beaten by the better player if not the best player to ever grace the SW19 courts. Today’s final marked a step in the right direction, Murray wasn’t beaten by nerves or the occasion. Early on, in fact, it was Murray who looked like a six-time champion rather than his rival and he won his first set in a major following three straight-sets defeats in his previous three final defeats. A failure to close out some of his service games will grate, but Federer was deserving of a seventh Wimbledon title which sees him equal Pete Sampras’s achievement. It also sees him reclaim the world No 1 spot from Novak Djokovic and comes two years after his last major triumph. The old master past it? No way.” – WRITTEN BY THE THELEGRAPH (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/tennis/wimbledon/9384439/Andy-Murray-v-Roger-Federer-Wimbledon-2012-mens-final-live.html).

I could quote many other passages, from all over the world, but the result would be the same: Roger Federer is the best tennis player in the recent tennis history. Watching the italian tv I learnt that the Olimpic tennis games will be played on grass as well as the Wimbledon Championship. Maybe Federer will also win the gold medal? His fan from all over the world hopes that, me too!